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Yamaha TDM 850 Parts

Engine and Transmission

The Yamaha TDM 850 is a 4 stroke, Allround bike with a 849.00 ccm (51,55 cubic inches) Twin, 5 Valve type of engine.

This engine has 77.00 HP (55,92 kW)) @ 7500 RPM, 76.50 Nm (7,76 kgf-m or 56,12 ft.lbs) @ 6000 RPM and an unconfirmed top speed.

There are actually many hundreds of spare parts up for sale on eBay for the Yamaha TDM 850. Now we have carried out some research and found all of the most appropriate items for you so you do not need to. If you happen to still can not come across what exactly you are attempting to find perhaps you can use the search option around the left side of this website page.

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Braking Information

To stop this 201.0 kg (440,88 pounds) bike you will need decent brakes. The Yamaha TDM 850 comes with Dual disc brakes on the front and Single disc brakes on the rear to ensure you will stop quickly if you need to.

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