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Engine and Transmission

The GAS GAS TXT PRO 280 is a 2 stroke, Trial bike with a Liquid cooled 272.20 ccm (16,53 cubic inches) Single cylinder type of engine. This engine then gets the power to the rear wheel with a Chain driven transmission.

Braking Information

To stop this 67.1 kg (147,26 pounds) bike you will need good brakes. The GAS GAS TXT PRO 280 comes with Single disc brakes on the front and Single disc brakes on the rear to ensure you will stop quickly if you need to.

GAS GAS TXT PRO 280 Technical Information
Type of Bike: Trial Year: 2006 Engine Capacity: 272.20 ccm (16,53 cubic inches) Engine Type: Single cylinder
Engine Power: N/A Torque: N/A Compression: N/A Stroke: 2
Starter Type: N/A Top Speed: N/A Transmission: Chain Gearbox: N/A
Fuel Capacity: 310.37 litres (81,59 gallons) Fuel Control: N/A Valves: N/A Cooling System: Liquid
Bike Weight: 67.1 kg (147,26 pounds) Bike Length: N/A Front Brakes: Single disc Rear Brakes: Single disc
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